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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Considering intermediary solution before Lucene question
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 00:17:35 GMT
Yes, you can use just the Analysis part.  For instance, I use this for and I believe we also have this in the Lucene book
as part of the source code package:

     * Gets Tokens extracted from the given text, using the specified
     * @param analyzer the <code>Analyzer</code> to use
     * @param text the text to analyze
     * @param field the field to pass to the Analyzer for tokenization
     * @return an array of <code>Token</code>s
     * @exception IOException if an error occurs
    public static Token[] getTokens(Analyzer analyzer, String text,
String field)
        throws IOException
        TokenStream stream = analyzer.tokenStream(field, new
        ArrayList tokenList = new ArrayList();
        while (true) {
            Token token =;
            if (token == null)
        return (Token[]) tokenList.toArray(new Token[0]);


--- wrote:

> Is there a way to use Lucene stemming and stop word removal without
> using the rest of the tool?   I am downloading the code now, but I
> imagine the answer might be deeply burried.  I would like to be able
> to send in a phrase and get back a collection of keywords if
> possible.
> I am thinking of using an intermediary solution before moving fully
> to Lucene.  I don't have time to spend a month making a carefully
> tested, administratable Lucene solution for my site yet, but I intend
> to do so over time.  Funny thing is the Lucene code likely would only
> take up a couple hundred of lines, but integration and administration
> would take me much more time.
> In the meantime, I am thinking I could use perhaps Lucene steming and
> parsing of words, then stick each search word along with the
> associated primary key in an indexed MySql table.   Each record I
> would need to do this to is small with maybe only average 15 userful
> words.   I would be able to have an in-database solution though
> ranking, etc would not exist.   This is better then the exact word
> searching i have currently which is really bad.
> By the way, MySql 4.1.1 has some Lucene type handling, but it too
> does not have stemming and I am sure it is very slow compaired to
> Lucene.   Cpanel is still stuck on MySql 4.0.* so many people would
> not have access to even this basic ability in production systems for
> some time yet.
> JohnE
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