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From Sanyi <>
Subject Anyone implemented custom hit ranking?
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 08:38:06 GMT

I have problems with short text ranking. I've read about same raking problems in the list
archives, but found only hints and toughts (adjust DefaultSimilarity, Similarity, etc...),
complete solutions with source code.
Anyone implemented a good solution for this problem? (example: my search application returns
10-20 pages of 1-2 word hits for "hello", and then it starts to list the longer texts)
I've implemented a very simple solution: I boost documents shorter than 300 chars with
1/300*doclength at index time. Now it works a lot better. In fact, I can't see any problems
Anyway, I think this is not "the solution", this is a patch or workaround.
So, I'd be interested in some kind of well designed complete solution for this problem.


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