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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Is there an easy way to have indexing ignore a CVS subdirectory in the index directory?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 21:54:29 GMT
Hm, as far as I know, a CVS sub-directory in an index directory should
not bother Lucene.  As a matter of fact, I tested this (I used a file,
not a directory) for Lucene in Action.  What error are you getting?

I know there is -I CVS option for ignoring files; perhaps it works with
directories, too.


--- Chuck Williams <> wrote:

> I have a Tomcat web module being developed with Netbeans 4.0 ide
> using
> CVS.  One CVS repository holds the sources of my various web files in
> a
> directory structure that directly parallels the standard Tomcat
> webapp
> directory structure.  This is well supported in a fully automated way
> within Netbeans.  I have my search index directory as a subdirectory
> of
> WEB-INF, which seemed the natural place to put it.  The index files
> themselves are not in the repository.  I want to be able to do CVS
> Update for the web module directory tree as a whole.  However, this
> places a CVS subdirectory within the index directory, which in turn
> causes Lucene indexing to blow up the next time I run it since this
> is
> an unexpected entry in the index directory.  To make things works, to
> work around the problem I both need to delete the CVS subdirectory
> and
> find and delete the pointers to it in the Entries file and Netbeans
> cache file within the CVS subdirectory of the parent directory.  This
> is
> annoying to say the least.
> I've asked the Netbeans users if there is a way to avoid creation of
> the
> index's CVS subdirectory, but the same thing happened using WinCVS
> and I
> so I expect this is not a Netbeans issue.  It could be my relative
> ignorance of CVS.
> How do others avoid this problem?
> Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Chuck

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