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From Mark Page <>
Subject query boosting using a word list.
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 12:22:54 GMT

I have a database table of text flattend out and indexed.

Although searching with fuzzy query works well in most instances, on
occasions however the target record appears way down the list of
matching records.

This is because the query text may contain lots of irrelevant terms (in
the context of the app) because the data is pulled from another source.

To solve this I need to create a word list, so that the terms that are
important to the app are boosted in the search. as an example...

word list contains car manufacturers and models:-

query text = "gleaming white 2-door volkswagon golf"

search = "gleaming white 2 door volkswagon^9 golf^9"

I can use regexes to massage the raw query text, but was wondering if
there is a more elegant solution available within the Lucene API.

As a Lucene newbie any pointers or suggestion to solve what must be
quite a common scenario appreciated. 

Regards, -Mark. 

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