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From Bill Tschumy <>
Subject Searching for a path
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:22:39 GMT
I have a need to search an index for documents that were taken ffrom 
particulars files in the filesystem.

Each document in the index has a field named "url" that is created 

	doc.add(Field.Text("url", urlStr));

I understand this is both stored and indexed.

My search works if I do something like:

	String queryStr = "\"file:///someDir/someOtherDir/File.txt\""
  	query = MultiFieldQueryParser.parse("url:" + queryString, 
searchedFields, new StandardAnalyzer());
  	hits =;

It is important for me to quote the path for the search to succeed

I was hoping to speed the search up a bit by bypassing the QueryParser. 
  However, if I do something like

	String queryStr = "\"file:///someDir/someOtherDir/File.txt\""
	Query query = new TermQuery(new Term("url", queryStr));
	hits =;

I get zero hits.  Why are these not equivalent?  I think it has 
something to do with the fact that the url needs to be quoted so I 
search for an exact match.  It does work if I have stored the url as a 
"Field.Keyword" rather than as "Field.Text" and then don't need to 
quote the string.  However I would prefer not to have to change the 
format of the index.

Thanks for any help.

Bill Tschumy
Otherwise -- Austin, TX

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