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From "David Townsend" <>
Subject RE: Making lucene work in weblogic cluster
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 15:15:53 GMT
No I didn't.  If you look for NFS in the archives, there is an alternate solution out there.
 I suppose I should get around to submitting the patch.

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From: Praveen Peddi []
Sent: 08 October 2004 16:10
To: lucenelist
Subject: Making lucene work in weblogic cluster

While I was going through the mailing list in solving the lucene cluster problem, I came accross
this thread. Does any one know if David Townsend had submitted the patch he was talking about?

I am interested in looking at the NFS solution (mounting the shared drive on each server in
cluster). I don't know if anyone has used this solution in cluster but this seems to be a
better approach than RemoteSearchable interface and DB based index (SQLDirectory).

I am currently looking at 2 options:
Index on Shared drive: Use single index dir on a shared drive (NFS, etc.), which is mounted
on each app server. All the servers in the cluster write to this shared drive when objects
are modified.
1) Known problems like file locking etc. (The above thread talks about moving locking mechanism
to DB but I have no idea how).
2) Performance.

Index Per Server: Create copies of the index dir for each machine. Requires regular updates,
etc. Each server maintains its own index and searches on its own index.
1) Modifying the index is complex. When Objects are modified on a server1 that does not run
the search system, server1 needs to notify all servers in the cluster about these modifications
so that each server can update its own index. This may involve some kind of remote communication
mechanism which will perform bad since our index modifies a lot.

So I am still reviewing both options and trying to figure out which one is the best and how
to solve the above problems.

If you guys have any ideas, Pls shoot them. I would appreciate any help regarding making lucene
clusterable (both indexing and searching).


Praveen Peddi
Sr Software Engg, Context Media, Inc. 
Tel:  401.854.3475 
Fax:  401.861.3596 
Context Media- "The Leader in Enterprise Content Integration" 

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