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From Hetan Shah <Hetan.S...@Sun.COM>
Subject Index + Searching
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 18:42:40 GMT

I am using the IndexHTML class to index around 30,000 files and it is 
working fine. Question that I have is, is there a way to add multiple 
fields to index so that when the actual search is performed I can 
extract the exact match.
the fields can be
1) title - abc
2) name - foo inc,
3) description - Lorem ipsum dolor sit
4) URL - www.lorem.ipsum

and so on,

 From search when the match for title 'abc' is found then searching for 
doc.get("name") can return foo inc and so on.

Is this already happening in any other indexing class if not what do I 
need to add to IndexHTML class to accomplish this?

thanks for all the help gang.

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