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From Che Dong <>
Subject Re: BooleanQuery - Too Many Clases on date range.
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 18:14:34 GMT
How about use inter based filter instead of datatime based filter. 
datetime can convert to unix timestamp for compare.


Che Dong

Chris Fraschetti wrote:
> Surely some folks out there have used lucene on a large scale and have
> had to compensate for this somehow, any other solutions? Morus, thank
> you very more for your imput, and I am looking into your solution,
> just putting my feelers out there once more.
> The lucene API is very limited as to it's descriptions of it's
> components, short of digging into the code, is there a good doc
> somewhere out there that explains the workins of lucene?
> On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 01:57:06 -0700, Chris Fraschetti
> <> wrote:
>>So before I spend a significant amount of time digging into the lucene
>>code, how does your experience with lucene give light to my
>>situation....  Our current index is pretty huge, and with each
>>increase in side i've had, i've experienced a problem like this...
>>Without taking up too much of your time.. because obviously this i my
>>task, I thought i'd ask you if you'd had any experience with this
>>boolean clause nonsense...  of course it can be overcome, but if you
>>know a quick hack, awesome, otherwise.. no big, but off to work i go
>>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>From: Morus Walter <>
>>Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:01:50 +0200
>>Subject: Re: BooleanQuery - Too Many Clases on date range.
>>To: Lucene Users List <>, Chris
>>Fraschetti <>
>>Chris Fraschetti writes:
>>>So i decicded to move my epoch date to the  20040608 date which fixed
>>>my boolean query problem in regards to my current data size (approx
>>>600,000) ....
>>>but now as soon as I do a query like ...      a*
>>>I get the boolean error again. Google obviously can handle this query,
>>>and I'm pretty sure lucene can handle it.. any ideas? With out
>>>without a date dange specified i still get the  TooManyClauses error.
>>>I tired cranking the maxclauses up to Integer.MaxInt, but java gave me
>>>a out of memory error. Is this b/c the boolean search tried to
>>>allocate that many clauses by default or because my query actually
>>>needed that many clauses?
>>boolean search allocates clauses for all tokens having the prefix or
>>matching the wildcard expression.
>>>Why does it work on small indexes but not
>>Because there are fewer tokens starting with a.
>>>Is there any way to have the parser create as many clauses as
>>>it can and then search with what it has? w/o recompiling the source?
>>You need to create your own version of Wildcard- and Prefix-Query
>>that takes a maximum term number and ignores further clauses.
>>And you need a variant of the query parser that uses these queries.
>>This can be done, even without recompiling lucene, but you will have to
>>do some programming at the level of lucene queries.
>>Shouldn't be hard, since you can use the sources as a starting point.
>>I guess this does not exist because the lucene developer decided to prefer
>>a query error rather than uncomplete results.
>>Chris Fraschetti, Student CompSci System Admin
>>University of San Francisco
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