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From sergiu gordea <>
Subject Re: Handling user queries (Was: Re: MultiFieldQueryParser seems broken... Fix attached.)
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 13:19:49 GMT
René Hackl wrote:

>>is it a problem if the users will search "coffee OR tea" as a search 
>>string in the case that MultifieldQueryParser is
>>modifyed as Bill suggested?, and the default opperator is set to AND?
>No. There's not a problem with the proposed correction to MFQP. MFQP should
>work the way Bill suggested.
>My babbling about coffee or tea was more aimed at Bill's referring to "darn
>users started demanding" <nifty feature>. So this is a totally different
>matter. In my experience, many users fall to everyday language traps, like
>in: "What do you want to drink, coffee or tea?" The answer normally isn't
>'yes' to both, is it?  
this problem may be solved if the users know the meaning of the 
following signs mean:
- + "" * ~
this will improve the results in a better way that our parsing is doing ...

>I have an app where in some cases I make subqueries for an initial
>user-stated query. The aim is to come up with pointers to partial matching
>docs. The background is, one ill-advised NOT can ruin a query. But this has
>nothing to do with MFQP. Just random thoughts about making users happy even
>when they are new to formulating queries :-)

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