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From sergiu gordea <>
Subject *term search
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:26:18 GMT

 Hi all,

I want to discuss a little problem, lucene doesn't support *Term like 
I know that this can bring a lot of results in the memory and therefore 
it is restricted.

I think that allowing this kind of search and limiting the amount of 
returned results would be
a more usefull aproach. Since the german language has a lot of words 
that are concatenated or
derivated from another words by using a prefix.

 I'm not a good german speaker but I can say that maybe a half of the 
german words are a part of the
category described above.

for example
Himbeer, Erdbeer, Johanesbeer -- all of them are fruits from a certain 
category. So it will make sense to search
for "*beer". Also ... I know that the word is ended in "beer" but I 
don't know the exact word ...
"*beer" will help me a lot.

schreiben = to write
beschreiben = to describe
verschreiben = to subscribe ..

I would like to use "*schreiben".

 So my question is if there is a simple solution for implementing the 
funtionality mentioned above.
Maybe subclassing one class and overwriting some methods will sufice.

 Thank in advance,


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