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From Honey George <>
Subject Re: PorterStemfilter
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 05:27:37 GMT
 --- Tea Yu <> wrote: 
> David,
> For me I don't want a search for "in print" gives
> results from "in printer"?
> I'll consider that over-stemmed elsecase.
Here the "in" won't be considered as it is a stopword
in most of the analyzers. I know it is in
StandardAnalyzer. So searching for 'in print' will not
return the document containing 'in printer' because
stem('printer') is 'printer' and not 'print'. So
'printer' is what getting stored in the index.
Enclosing in double quotes does not prevent stemming.

> I'm also not that satisfactory when "effective" is
> stemmed to "effect" by
> snowball recently

I have tested this with PorterStemFilter and there is
also "effective" is stemmed as "effect". There are
more serious problems. "printable" is stemmed as


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