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From "Rupinder Singh Mazara" <>
Subject RE: lucene and ejb applications
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 11:54:37 GMT
hi erik

 thanks for the warning and the code.
 Let me re-phrase the question,

 i have a index generated by lucene, i need to have the search capabilty
 to have a high availabilty. What solutions would be the most optimal

 Currentlly i have two senarions in mind
  a) setup a RMI based app. that on start-up initializes a IndexSearcher
     and waits for invocation of a method like Vector executeQuery(Query )

  b) create a web based app(jsp/servlet or struts)  that initialises the
IndexSearcher object, and stores in the servletContext on intialization, and
all request invoke the Hits search(Query q)

  with senario a)  i can have more control over updates, insert, and deletes
  where as with  senario b) has higher availabilty

 I want to create and store the IndexSearcher object, during initailization
to save on
 mutlitple open and reads. once updates are ready signal can be sent to
block further searches while the updates are integrated into the existing

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>From: Erik Hatcher []
>Sent: 20 August 2004 11:13
>To: Lucene Users List
>Subject: Re: lucene and ejb applications
>What would be the best way?  Use Lucene outside of EJB.  It's quite
>silly to make such a decision "purely due to a policy decision" when
>the technicalities of it show that it is an unwise decision.
>You're going to navigate Hits through a session bean?  And as you said,
>the EJB spec says not to use file I/O from EJB's.  That is a good
>recommendation if you are distributing your system across servers and
>replication is occurring - if another call to a session bean occurs and
>ends up on a different server, then the file handle is lost.
>I violate the spec in my JavaDevWithAnt project and have one mode where
>I have a stateless session bean returning search results:
> - but I definitely do
>not recommend it.  It works when you are in a single-server
>In summary - EJB and Lucene are not a good mix - don't force it just to
>be buzzword compliant.
>	Erik
>On Aug 20, 2004, at 4:32 AM, Rupinder Singh Mazara wrote:
>> hi all
>>    purely due to a policy decision, we would like to host our lucene
>> search
>> application , in a j2ee container, preferable by means of a ejb.
>> Since access to is restricted by the ejb specification, what
>> would
>> be the best way to create desgin the application ?
>>   i have taken a look at but it my relies on mbeans and
>> not a
>> session bean
>>   does any one have pointers or samples that can be looked at
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