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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: lucene and ejb applications
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:12:35 GMT
What would be the best way?  Use Lucene outside of EJB.  It's quite 
silly to make such a decision "purely due to a policy decision" when 
the technicalities of it show that it is an unwise decision.

You're going to navigate Hits through a session bean?  And as you said, 
the EJB spec says not to use file I/O from EJB's.  That is a good 
recommendation if you are distributing your system across servers and 
replication is occurring - if another call to a session bean occurs and 
ends up on a different server, then the file handle is lost.

I violate the spec in my JavaDevWithAnt project and have one mode where 
I have a stateless session bean returning search results: - but I definitely do 
not recommend it.  It works when you are in a single-server 

In summary - EJB and Lucene are not a good mix - don't force it just to 
be buzzword compliant.


On Aug 20, 2004, at 4:32 AM, Rupinder Singh Mazara wrote:

> hi all
>    purely due to a policy decision, we would like to host our lucene 
> search
> application , in a j2ee container, preferable by means of a ejb.
> Since access to is restricted by the ejb specification, what 
> would
> be the best way to create desgin the application ?
>   i have taken a look at but it my relies on mbeans and 
> not a
> session bean
>   does any one have pointers or samples that can be looked at
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