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From "Mike Upshon" <>
Subject Using 2nd Index to constraing Search
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 18:10:13 GMT

Just starting to evaluate Lucene and hope somone can answer this

I am looking at using Lucene to index a very large databse. There is a
documents table and a few other tables that define what users can view
what documents. My question is, is it posible to have an index of the
full text contents of the documents and another index that contains the
document id's and the user id's and then use the 2nd index to qualify
the full text search over the document table. The reason I want to do
this is to reduce the numbers of documents that the full text query will

E.g. if there are 50 million documents in the documents table and 20,000
usesr if the full text search was able to be restricted by the user the
full text search over the documents would be run over a substantialy
smaller set.



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