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From Claes Holmerson <>
Subject Re: Advanced timestamp usage (or global value storage)
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:40:11 GMT

Avi Drissman wrote:

> I've used Lucene for a long time, but only in the most basic way. I 
> have a custom analyzer and a slightly hacked query parser, but in 
> general it's the basic add document/remove document/query documents 
> cycle.
> In my system, I'm indexing a store of external documents, maintaining 
> an index for full-text querying. However, I might be turned off when 
> documents are added, and then when I'm restarted, I'm going to need to 
> determine the timestamp of the last document added to the index so 
> that I can pick up where I left off.
> There are three approaches to doing this, two using Lucene. I don't 
> know how I would do the two Lucene approaches, or even if they're 
> possible.
> 1. Just keep a file in parallel with the index, reading and writing 
> the timestamp of the last indexed document in it. I know how to do 
> this, but I don't like the idea of keeping a separate file. 

This is similar to the way I chose (I used a property file for this, and 
stored certain data within it, in the index directory). I didn't like 
the idea at first either, but later I thought - why not? It is the 
simplest way. As long as the file name is not used by Lucene, I thought 
it should be safe.


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