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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Very slow performance
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:05:41 GMT
Optimization should not require huge amounts of memory.  Can you tell a 
bit more about your configuration:  What JVM?  What OS?  How many 
fields?  What mergeFactor have you used?

Also, please attach the output of 'ls -l' of your index directory, as 
well as the stack trace you see when OutOfMemory is thrown.



Mark Florence wrote:
> Hi -- We have a large index (~4m documents, ~14gb) that we haven't been
> able to optimize for some time, because the JVM throws OutOfMemory, after
> climbing to the maximum we can throw at it, 2gb. 
> In fact, the OutOfMemory condition occurred most recently during a segment 
> merge operation. maxMergeDocs was set to the default, and we seem to have
> gotten around this problem by setting it to some lower value, currently
> 100,000. The index is highly interactive so I took the hint from earlier
> posts to set it to this value.
> Good news! No more OutOfMemory conditions.
> Bad news: now, calling is taking 20+ seconds, and it 
> is killing performance.
> I followed the design pattern in another earlier post from Doug. I take a
> batch of deletes, open an IndexReader, perform the deletes, then close it.
> Then I take a batch of adds, open an IndexWriter, perform the adds, then
> close it. Then I get a new IndexSearcher for searching.
> But because the index is so interactive, this sequence repeats itself all
> the time. 
> My question is, is there a better way? Performance was fine when I could
> optimize. Can I hold onto singleton a IndexReader/IndexWriter/IndexSearcher
> to avoid the overhead of the open?
> Any help would be most gratefully received.
> Mark Florence, CTO, AIRS
> 800-897-7714x1703
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