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From Dmitry <>
Subject Offer of services
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2004 19:19:51 GMT
Greetings fellow Luceners,

I have recently finished a part-time contract and am now looking for a 
new one. I wanted to try to use this channel to offer my services to the 
Lucene community - perhaps we can help each other, and help Lucene in 
the process!

(Thanks for your patience with a bit of an off-topic post)

I've been working with Lucene for 3 years, even since before it was 
added to the Jakarta project, and have contributed code to it when I 
could. Of the larger features, I can claim credit for the Compund File 
support, as well as some initial work on the Term Vector, although 
proper credit for that goes to Grant Ingersoll and others who have 
recently integrated it into the latest Lucene release.
Besides the public work I have contributed, I have spent the last three 
years working for a company that very intesively uses Lucene in an 
enterprise-scale product, used by many household-name companies 
worldwide. I was responsible for initial evaluation of search engines 
(this is when I found Lucene) and for integrating Lucene into our system.

I've also done a lot of work on measuring and tuning Lucene's 
performance under very high loads, particularly in reducing memory 
allocation during searching. I would say that I understand Lucene 
architecture very well, particularly the deeper internals of it, such as 
the file IO, TermEnums, and SegmentMerger with friends.

Aside from Lucene, I have a BSEE degree from UC Berkeley, and close to 
10 years of experience with various CompSci technologies (C, Java, 
Python, databases, Snowball stemmers, internationalization, web 
crawlers), geographically spanning from California to New York.
Currently, I am based in Northern New Mexico. But if you are elsewhere 
in the world, no problem! That's what the Internet is for! So I'm 
offering to do Lucene-related work over the Internet - always 
professional service with a smile!  :)   

Some ideas could include:
   - Integration of Lucene into your product or site: from initial 
analysis, to full implementation

   - Improving Lucene performance and/or stability for your specific 
application requirements

   - Adding features that are missing or that would make your 
application better / easier / faster

   - Fixing specific bugs that you need fixed; researching problems; 
finding workarounds

   - Maintenance work on an existing application

   - Anything at all, doesn't even have be about Lucene! Limited only by 
your imagination!  :)

The resulting work can be contributed back to the Lucene project or can 
remain your property - whatever makes the most sense to you.

If you are interested, please e-mail me directly:
References and the resume are available upon request. Payment hourly, or 
as a fixed bid.

May the source be with you!  :)

Thanks very much, and best wishes to everyone.
Dmitry Serebrennikov

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