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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Lucene Search has poor cpu utilization on a 4-CPU machine
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 16:41:36 GMT
Aviran wrote:
> First let me explain what I found out. I'm running Lucene on a 4 CPU server.
> While doing some stress tests I've noticed (by doing full thread dump) that
> searching threads are blocked on the method: public FieldInfo fieldInfo(int
> fieldNumber) This causes for a significant cpu idle time. 

What version of Lucene are you running?  Also, can you please send the 
stack traces of the blocked threads, or at least a description of them? 
  I'd be interested to see what context this happens in.  In particular, 
which IndexReader and Searcher/Scorer/Weight methods does it happen under?

> I noticed that the class org.apache.lucene.index.FieldInfos uses private
> class members Vector byNumber and Hashtable byName, both of which are
> synchronized objects. By changing the Vector byNumber to ArrayList byNumber
> I was able to get 110% improvement in performance (number of searches per
> second).

That's impressive!  Good job finding a bottleneck!

> My question is: do the fields byNumber and byName have to be synchronized
> and what can happen if I'll change them to be ArrayList and HashMap which
> are not synchronized ? Can this corrupt the index or the integrity of the
> results?

I think that is a safe change.  FieldInfos is only modifed by 
DocumentWriter and SegmentMerger, and there is no possibility of other 
threads accessing those instances.  Please submit a patch to the 
developer mailing list.


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