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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Way to repair an index broking during 1/2 optimize?
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 19:08:17 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:

> Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>> So is it possible to fix this index now? Can I just delete the most 
>> recent segment that was created? I can find this by ls -alt
> Sorry, I forgot to answer your question: this should work fine. I 
> don't think you should even have to delete that segment.

I'm worried about duplicate or missing content from the original index. 
I'd rather rebuild the index and waste another 6 hours (I've probably 
blown 100 hours of CPU time on this already) and have a correct index :)

During an optimize I assume Lucene starts writing to a new segment and 
leaves all others in place until everything is done and THEN deletes them?

> Also, to elaborate on my previous comment, a mergeFactor of 5000 not 
> only delays the work until the end, but it also makes the disk 
> workload more seek-dominated, which is not optimal. 

The only settings I uses are:


the resulting index has 230k files in it :-/

I assume this is contributing to all the disk seeks.

> So I suspect a smaller merge factor, together with a larger 
> minMergeDocs, will be much faster overall, including the final 
> optimize(). Please tell us how it goes.
This is what I did for this last round but then I ended up with the 
highly fragmented index.


Thanks for all the help btw!



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