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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: indexing help
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 21:20:24 GMT
John Wang wrote:
>      While lucene tokenizes the words in the document, it counts the
> frequency and figures out the position, we are trying to bypass this
> stage: For each document, I have a set of words with a know frequency,
> e.g. java (5), lucene (6) etc. (I don't care about the position, so it
> can always be 0.)
>      What I can do now is to create a dummy document, e.g. "java java
> java java java lucene lucene lucene lucene lucene" and pass it to
> lucene.
>      This seems hacky and cumbersome. Is there a better alternative? I
> browsed around in the source code, but couldn't find anything.

Write an analyzer that returns terms with the appropriate distribution.

For example:

public class VectorTokenStream extends TokenStream {
   private int term;
   private int freq;
   public VectorTokenStream(String[] terms, int[] freqs) {
     this.terms = terms;
     this.freqs = freqs;
   public Token next() {
     if (freq == 0) {
       if (term >= terms.length)
         return null;
       freq = freqs[term];
     return new Token(terms[term], 0, 0);

Document doc = new Document();
doc.add(Field.Text("content", ""));
indexWriter.addDocument(doc, new Analyzer() {
   public TokenStream tokenStream(String field, Reader reader) {
     return new VectorTokenStream(new String[] {"java","lucene"},
                                  new int[] {5,6});

>       Too bad the Field class is final, otherwise I can derive from it
> and do something on that line...

Extending Field would not help.  That's why it's final.


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