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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Making a case for Lucene
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 19:24:11 GMT
 > The best example that I've been able to find is the Yahoo research
 > lab - as I understand it, this is a Nutch (i.e. Lucene)
 > implementation that's providing impressive performance over a
 > 100 million document repository.

This demo runs on a handful of boxes.  It was originally running on 
three dual-processor boxes, but I think Yahoo! subsequently moved it to 
six or eight single-processor boxes.  Queries are broadcast to all 
servers, and the top-scoring matches overall are presented.

In Nutch-based benchmarks, we found that a single-processor box with 4GB 
of memory and a 2M page Nutch index (i.e., the entire index fits in RAM) 
could handle over 20 Nutch searches/second.  A box with 1GB of memory 
and a 20M page Nutch index (i.e., the entire index does not fit in 
memory) could only handle around 1 or 2 Nutch searches/second.  These 
were done with Lucene 1.3.  Lucene 1.4 should be somewhat faster. 
Performance will obviously vary with processor speed, disk speed, 
average document size, average number terms per query, etc.


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