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From Honey George <>
Subject RE: Not deleting temp files after updating/optimising
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 12:46:27 GMT
  I am facing the same problem with temporary index
files. I can see lot of temporary files(hidden) not
being deleted(luncee-1.3-final + Linux RH7 + jdk

The size of the temporary files is almost same as that
of the index. I have deleted all the hidden temporary
files and now my directory contents are as given

_2lok.fdt  _2lok.fnm  _6c2h.fdx  _6hgv.fdt  _6hgv.fnm 
_6hh1.fdx  _7gqr.fdt  _7gqr.fnm  _918i.fdx  deletable
_2lok.fdx  _6c2h.fdt  _6c2h.fnm  _6hgv.fdx  _6hh1.fdt 
_6hh1.fnm  _7gqr.fdx  _918i.fdt  _918i.fnm  segments

Again I see that the index size is bigger than the
data size. The data size is 5.3GB but the size of the
index is 7GB. I have almost 2,00,000 documents in the

Any help in the above 2 problems is much appreciated.

Thanks & regards,

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