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From "Tea Yu" <>
Subject RE: Anyone use MultiSearcher class
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 13:54:01 GMT

I'm also planning a distributed index system.  After reading some code, I
think it's more efficient to get rid of Hits and work directly with TopDocs
returned by, I dun need the cache anyway as I
dun need stateful netvigation.

Another question is - does each Hits.doc(i) lead to an obj
serialization/traffic/deserialization?  Do we need a ValueListHolder to
optimize that?

I also wonder why many search() methods don't throw RemoteExceptions, any


> Don, I think I finally understand your problem -- and mine -- with
> MultiSearcher. I had tested an implementation of my system using
> ParallelMultiSearcher to split a huge index over many computers.
> I was very impressed by the results on my test data, but alarmed
> after a trial with live data :)
> Consider Q). Suppose that Q aggregated
> over ALL the Searchables in the MultiSearcher would return 1000
> documents. But, the Hits object created by search() will only cache
> the first 100 documents. When Hits.doc(101) is called, Hits will
> cache 200 documents -- then 400, 800, 1600 and so on. How does Hits
> get these extra documents? By calling the MultiSearcher again.
> Now consider a MultiSearcher as described above with 2 Searchables.
> With respect to Q, Searchable S has 1000 documents, Searchable T
> has zero. So to fetch the 101st document, not only is S searched,
> but T is too, even though the result of Q applied to T is still zero
> and will always be zero. The same thing will happen when fetching
> the 201st, 401st and 801st document.
> This accounts for my slow performance, and I think yours too. That
> your observed degradation is a power of 2 is a clue.
> My performance is especially vulnerable because "slave" Searchables
> in the MultiSearcher are Remote -- accessed via RMI.
> I guess I have to code smarter around MultiSearcher. One problem
> you highlight is that Hits is final -- so it is not possible even to
> modify the "100/200/400" cache size logic.
> Any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated.
> Mark Florence
> 800-897-7714 x 1703

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