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From "Vladimir Yuryev" <>
Subject Re: ANN: Luke v. 0.5 released
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 05:45:40 GMT
Hi Andrzej!

I congratulate on the successful version. RussianAnalyzer works with 
my indexes, but there are problems with some words. These problem 
words are found only WildCard a method. Besides AnalizerTool works 
with these words without problems.

There is one more small discrepancy on webpage
- Remember to put both JARs on your classpath, e.g.: java-classpath 
luke.jar; lucene.jar org.getopt.luke. Luke
+ Remember to put both JARs on your classpath, e.g.: java-classpath 
luke.jar:lucene.jar org.getopt.luke. Luke


On Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:10:50 +0200
  Andrzej Bialecki <> wrote:
>Hello fellow Luceners,
>I'm pleased to announce that new release of Luke is now available. 
>You can download it from:
>This release uses Lucene 1.4-rc4.
>This release also represents a major step forward - many new exciting 
>features have been added. The feature I consider the most important 
>in this release is extensibility - there is a plugin framework, and a 
>sample plugin is provided in the distribution - I encourage you to 
>write more.
>Here's a short summary of changes in this release:
>     * NEW: Added support for Term Vectors.
>     * NEW: Added a plugin framework - plugins found on classpath are
>	detected automatically and added to the new "Plugins" tab.
>	Note however that for now plugins autoloading doesn't quite
>	work when using Java WebStart - an alternative mechanism is also
>	provided. Plugins have full access to the application context.
>	Please read JavaDoc for for more information.
>     * NEW: A sample plugin is provided, based on Mark Harwood's 
>	for analyzing analyzers".
>     * NEW: all tables support resizable columns now. Some dialogs 
>	also resizable.
>     * NEW: Added Reconstruct functionality. Using this function 
>	can reconstruct the content of all (also unstored) fields of a
>	document. This function uses a brute-force approach, so it may
>	be slow for larger indexes (> 500,000 docs).
>     * NEW: Added "pseudo-edit" functionality. New document editor 
>	allows to modify reconstructed documents, and add or replace the
>	original ones.
>     * FIX: problems with MRU list solved, and a framework for 
>	preferences introduced.
>     * FIX: the list of available Analyzers is now dynamically 
>	from the classpath, using the same method as in the AnalyzerTool
>	plugin. This also doesn't work in WebStart, so a fallback to a
>	static list is provided.
>     * FIX: restructured source repository and added Ant build 
>Please note that as a result of the package name changes, the main 
>class is now org.getopt.luke.Luke, and NOT as before luke.Luke.
>I felt that all these changes merited a slight change in name, from 
>"Lucene Index Browser" to "Lucene Index Toolbox", as this seems to 
>better reflect the current functionality of the tool.
>Any feedback, patches for enhancements or bufixes are welcome! If you 
>want to provide a patch, please use "diff -bdruN" - this will help me 
>to integrate it. Thank you!
>Best regards,
>Andrzej Bialecki
>Software Architect, System Integration Specialist
>CEN/ISSS EC Workshop, ECIMF project chair
>EU FP6 E-Commerce Expert/Evaluator
>FreeBSD developer (
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