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From "Grant Ingersoll" <>
Subject Re: Writing a stemmer
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 20:17:56 GMT

I suppose it depends on how complex the language is and what is acceptable for your program.
 I have written a couple of stemmers that are fairly straightforward based on papers that
I have read and work well for the langs. we are using.  Your best bet is probably to do a
literature search for the languages you are interested in and go from there.  

I am, of course, assumming stemmers for your languages don't already exist.  If your languages
are common, there probably is a stemmer available in some form that you can use or adapt.
You'd be suprised at what you get by doing a simple google search for "<lang X> stemmer"
where lang X is the language you are interested in and no quotes.

Hooking them into Lucene is straightforward and there are several examples of this available
in the docs and code.


>>> 06/03/04 04:09PM >>>


Can anyone provide some help on writing a stemmer for non-english languages?
How proficient must I be in a language for which I wish to write the stemmer?


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