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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Open-ended range queries
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:26:05 GMT

On Jun 10, 2004, at 4:07 PM, Terry Steichen wrote:

> Well, I'm using 1.4 RC3 and the "null" range upper limit works just 
> fine for
> searches in two of my fields; one is in the form of a cannonical date 
> (eg,
> 20040610) and the other is in the form of a padded word count (e.g., 
> 01500
> for 1500).  The syntax would be pub_date:[20040501 TO null] (dates 
> later
> than April 30, 2004) and s_words:[01000 TO null] (articles with 1000 
> or more
> words).


It "works" for you because you have numeric values and lexically "null" 
is greater than any of them.  It is still using it as a lexical term 
value, and not truly making the end open-ended.

This is why "null" doesn't work at the beginning for you either.  It's 
just being treated as text, just like your numbers are.

> PS: This use of "null" has worked this way since at least 1.2.  As I 
> recall,
> way back when, "null" also worked as the first term limit (but no 
> longer
> does).

If so, then something serious broke.  I've not the time to check the 
cvs logs on this, but I cannot imagine that we removed something like 
this.  If anyone cares to dig up the diff where we removed/broke this, 
I'd be gracious.


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