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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Open-ended range queries
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 07:17:27 GMT
On Jun 10, 2004, at 10:37 PM, Terry Steichen wrote:
> Speaking for myself, only a small number of my code modules currently 
> treat
> "null" as the open-ended range query term parameter.  If the syntax 
> change
> from 'null' --> '*' was deemed otherwise desirable and the syntax 
> transition
> made very clearly, I could personally adjust to it without too much
> difficulty.

> I agree that the proposed '*' syntax does seem more logical.  If a 
> change to
> that syntax were made such that the old "null" syntax for the upper 
> bound
> was retained for backward compatibility, such a transition would be
> completely painless.

Just to clarify, since Terry's response implies this is not 
understood.... there is *nothing* special about "null" currently.  It 
is simply being treated as term text.  So adding special "*" handling 
would NOT change how "null" currently works.

In June of 2002 (!) "null" and "NULL" (and "nULL", "Null", etc) were 
removed as being special from what I see in the diff.

Furthermore, to achieve the proposed "*" handling, you can do this 
yourself now by subclassing QueryParser and overriding getRangeQuery:

   protected Query getRangeQuery(String field, Analyzer analyzer,
                                 String part1, String part2,
                                 boolean inclusive)
       throws ParseException {

       return new RangeQuery(
           "*".equals(part1) ? null : new Term("field", part1),
           "*".equals(part2) ? null : new Term("field", part2),

(a little more is needed if you want to keep the date range handling).

Note, you cannot do field:[* TO *] to make it wide-open - RangeQuery 
does not allow this.

My proposal is this (_after_ 1.4 goes final):

   - Add the above logic to QueryParser.

   - Modify RangeQuery.toString to output the "*" when the term is null, 
and also if the start term is "" (RangeQuery's constructor modifies the 
beginning term to "" if it is null).

If there are no objections to this plan, I'll add this as a Bugzilla 
issue as a reminder.  I don't want to touch 1.4's codebase - no point 
in adding a feature at this stage that can already be achieved with the 
simple code above.


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