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From Robert Brown <>
Subject Newbie experience - possible enhancement?
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 01:20:45 GMT
I have a 33GB repository (12,000+ files) that I wanted to be able to 
search via the web.  So Lucene looks like a fit.

I downloaded the 1.3-final distribution, read the "Getting Started" page 
and proceeded to "The Simple Demo" page.  I navigated to the directory 
containing my repository and set the classpath on the command line to 
point to both jars.

Rather than build the index of the Lucene /src folder, I chose to start 
with the /repository folder itself by specifying a . for the folder 
name.  The index was built up to the point where it hit the /index 
folder and died with a "caught a class".

Now, I obviously broke a rule somewhere in the documentation (that I'll 
review eventually) but it seems like the build process should have 
skipped the /index folder that was _created_ by the call to 
IndexFiles().  I suppose if you want to index a /index folder that 
happens to be a subdirectory directly under the starting build path then 
an error handler is probably required.

Anyway, I moved the java call down a directory and reinvoked the command 
to use ./repository and the indexing succeeded without error.  Just 
wanted to pass along my initial experience in the hopes that it might 
help the group enhance the current release candidate.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have overcome my first hurdle and am anxious 
to see what Lucene can do.  Cheers to everyone!


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