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From Michael Duval <>
Subject Re: phrase query not working in boolean clause
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 18:32:30 GMT


Thanks for the heads up on this bug fix.   I downloaded and installed it and
wala! my Boolean, Conjunctive Phrase query works as expected.

I had also gotten the query to work previously by removing the
PorterStemFilter from my Analyzer.  Can't say why this worked but I'm glad
that I don't have to look any further, nor remove my stemmer.

Thanks again.

Mike Duval

Incze Lajos wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 01:41:55PM -0400, Erik Hatcher wrote:
>>On Jun 9, 2004, at 12:25 PM, Michael Duval wrote:
>>>When doing an exact phrase query on the title the expected results are 
>>>  +(title:"Mass Asymmetry")
>>>     after tokenizing/filtering:  +title:"mass asymmetri"
>>>  returns 20 Hits
>>>  example hit: "Mass asymmetry, equation of state, and nuclear 
>>>When attempting to confine the results to a particular journal the 
>>>query used is:
>>>  +(journal:L) +(title:"Mass Asymmetry")
>>>     after t/f :  +journal:L +title:"mass asymmetri"
>>>  returns 315 Hits!!
>>>  example hit 1:  Towards dynamical mass calculations
>>>  example hit 2:  Up down-asymmetric gravitational fields of spinning 
>>>It would seem that the search engine is treating
>>>  +title:"mass asymmetri"  as +title:mass asymmetri
>>>However, this behavior is only apparent on composite queries as shown 
>>>For a sanity check I built the query using both the standard query 
>>>parser and
>>>the lucene search api (TermQuery, PhraseQuery, BooleanQuery).   The 
>>>were the same both ways.
>>>Is this a well known limitation of the lucene search engine?  Is there 
>>>a different
>>>means of obtaining the desired results?
>>Could you work up a JUnit test case example indexing a couple of 
>>documents like this into a RAMDirectory and a testXXX method that shows 
>>the failure?
>>I cannot really make sense of what you have going on with the textual 
>>queries and obviously some stemming going on to.  Show us the code. :)
>>	Erik
>This was fixed cca a 2 months ago by Mr. Goller. You have to upgrade,
>if you can.
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