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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Proximity Searches behavior
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 13:23:11 GMT
On Jun 9, 2004, at 8:53 AM, Terry Steichen wrote:
> 1) If you set the default slop factor in QueryProcessor to something 
> greater
> than 1, can you also use wildcards?  (I ask that question because, to 
> my
> understanding, you can't combine the explicit proximity query syntax 
> with
> wildcards.  That is, something like "quick fox*"~3 is not legal.)

Wildcard queries and phrase queries are completely different entities 
with QueryParser.  The default slop factor has no relation to wildcard 
queries whatsoever.

"quick fox*"~3 is legal, technically.  But it analyzes "quick fox" 
(probably into "quick" and "fox", dropping the asterisk) and then uses 
a slop of 3.  Specifying the slop explicitly overrides the default 

If you want something that does "quick fox*" where "quick" must be 
followed by something starting with "fox", you'll have to do this 
through the API, perhaps using the awkwardly named PhrasePrefixQuery, 
which does support slop also.  It would be up to you to do the term 
expansions for all terms beginning with "fox" in order to use this.

> 2) Regarding the SpanQuery family, do we have any documentation on (a) 
> what
> led to their emergence (what problem they solve), (b) what their 
> syntax is
> (other than what can be discerned from the JUnit tests), and (c) 
> examples of
> their use?

The unit tests are always my first stop :)

Span queries allow you to say things like:

	"foo bar" near "xyz pdq"

	all docs that have "foo bar" within 10 positions in order (which you 
cannot do with phrase query)

	all docs that have "foo bar" within 10 positions but within that span 
it may not have "baz"

	all docs that have "foo" in the first 3 positions of the field

None of these are possible without this new span feature.

> 3) Is there a plan for adding QueryParser support for the SpanQuery 
> family?

I think QueryParser is overloaded enough.  It is pretty simple to have 
phrase queries turned into span queries with a QueryParser subclass, 
forcing terms to be in order:

    * Replace PhraseQuery with SpanNearQuery to force in-order
    * phrase matching rather than reverse.
   protected Query getFieldQuery(
       String field, Analyzer analyzer, String queryText, int slop)
                                            throws ParseException {
     // let QueryParser's implementation do the analysis
     Query orig = super.getFieldQuery(
         field, analyzer, queryText, slop);

     if (! (orig instanceof PhraseQuery)) {
       return orig;

     PhraseQuery pq = (PhraseQuery) orig;
     Term[] terms = pq.getTerms();
     SpanTermQuery[] clauses = new SpanTermQuery[terms.length];
     for (int i = 0; i < terms.length; i++) {
       clauses[i] = new SpanTermQuery(terms[i]);

     SpanNearQuery query = new SpanNearQuery(
         clauses, slop, true);

     return query;

I built this example for Lucene in Action recently.


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