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From "steve" <>
Subject How to get unique Hits using Multisearcher
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:02:36 GMT
I saw a similar - but not identical - question asked earlier in the archive
but no answer.

I have 2 (or more)  indexes of web url's with intersecting hits. The url's
are defined as keys in case that makes a difference. I am using
MultiSearcher to search multiple indexes, but I get hits repeated if they
exist in both indexes. I am trying to get a set of all unique url's among
the indexes.

Can MultiSearcher be told not to repeat hits with duplicate "key" values? Or
does it already do this indicating my Doc's are not defined properly? As a
last resort, can someone recommend an efficient method to convert the Vector
of hitDocs into a Set after the fact?

FYI - as a test, I used MultiSearcher to search one index and it found 45
hits. I then gave MultiSearher 2 Searchers pointing to the same index, and
it found 90 hits. From this I concluded that MultiSearher merely adds hits
to the Vector rather than looking for duplicates. Is that right?


Steve B.

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