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From "Gerard Sychay" <>
Subject Re: Mixing database and lucene searches
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 15:26:06 GMT
>>> "Eric Jain" <> 05/11/04 04:47AM >>>
> > Hits hits = TermQuery("text", "foo")
> > Set hitPKs = new Set();
> > for each doc in hits:
> >    hitPKs.put(doc.getField("pk"))
> Retrieving even one custom field for every document of a possibly
> data set
> can end up being very slow, it seems. This complicates things a

Glen, I don't know your application specifics, but if you are paging
results, there is no need to retrieve all the primary keys at once.  I
had a similar problem.  I ended up doing the following:

- Store ONLY the primary keys in the index.  Ideally, you only  need
two fields per Lucene Document: the tokenized text to be searched, and
stored corresponding primary key.
- Upon searching, get all the Hits as normal, say you get 10000 hits.
- But the first page only displays first 10 hits, so retrieve first 10
primary keys from the Hits, use these to form a SQL query and retrieve
any info you need from the DB.  This way, you only handling 10 documents
at a time, or howevery many per page.
In actual use, this is very fast.


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