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From "Fredrik Lindner" <>
Subject hierarchical search
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 09:07:48 GMT
Hi all!

I'm currently developing an application in which text searching is a
main component. Among other things, a document will contain a field
denoting hierarchical information. The information is stored as a string
using the common path syntax, /x/y/z/etc/...

I would like to be able to search documents based on the path field
using two different selection criteria's,

1. given a prefix path and a suffix path select all documents for which
the path start with the supplied prefix, ends with the suffix and has
"some path" in between.

2. like (1) but with the requirement that "some path" spans one and one
level only. i.e. it defines a strict grandparent/grandchild relationship
between the last path entry of the prefix and the first of the suffix.

For example, with prefix /p1/p2/p3/ and suffix /s1/s2/s3/ and three
documents with the path filed values

a) /p1/p2/p3/x/s1/s2/s3/
b) /p1/p2/p3/y/s1/s2/s3/
c) /p1/p2/p3/x/y/s1/s2/s3/

case one should select them all whereas case two should select only a)
and b).

My problem is that I am uncertain on how to implement the second case. I
guess I have to extend the Lucene internals somehow but I am quite too
inexperienced regarding Lucene to do so directly. Any pointers, hints or
comments are most welcome.


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