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From Timothy Stone <>
Subject Re: Bad file descriptor (IOException) using SearchBean contribution
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 12:04:47 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:

> On May 18, 2004, at 1:43 PM, Timothy Stone wrote:
>> Erik Hatcher wrote:
>>> Lucene 1.4 (now in release candidate stage) includes built-in sorting 
>>>  capabilities, so I definitely recommend you have a look at that.   
>>> SearchBean is effectively deprecated based on this new much more  
>>> powerful feature.
>>>     Erik
>> Forgive my naivety, but isn't the purpose of the SearchBean more than 
>> just sorting? Without the SearchBean, creating a MVC demo becomes a 
>> larger exercise to undertake.
> Could you elaborate on what you mean by MVC here?  A value list handler 
> piece has been developed and links posted to it on this list - if this 
> is the type of thing you're referring to.

Again, maybe I was naively associating the "SearchBean" with something 
that it was not suppose to be doing. To elaborate, I would like to take 
the demo, which has been working with some success for two years on my 
site, and follow the suggestions of Andrew C. Oliver and go "Model 2 on 
the demo."

You and I have moved away in this thread from my original question, why 
I am getting the IOException: Bad File Descriptor, *and that is okay*, 
I'm learning a lot. However, I hope that we can come back to it later, 
if necessary off-list.

So the SearchBean's purpose, as I understood it, was to provide a Model 
2 component for use in JSPs.

> A value list handler piece has been developed and links posted to it
> on this list - if this is the type of thing you're referring to.

I tried looking for references to such, but no luck.


> I'd love to hear how folks are using SearchBean though, and why they 
> feel it is beneficial.

See above as to how I think it could to be used. :)

I agree that Lucene offers a tremendous amount of power! Kudos to all of 
the developers working so hard on this. It is a testament to the 
flexibility of Java.

I must admit that I get the feeling that "newbies" to Lucene seem to get 
less attention on the list. I'm one that tries real hard to research my 
question first in the archives ( then on the web. 
Even I get frustrated on some lists where the most obvious question is 
being asked and the asker misses hints and outright help. The Lucene 
User list can be intimidating even for the advanced novice who may be on 
the right track but not phrasing or wording or describing the problem or 
task in front of him/her. So forgive me, Lucene is a very powerful 
API/library (see I understand what Lucene is ;) ) and I get lost in the 
new search terminology confronting me. Couple this with a new desire to 
tackle Struts, and well, havoc ensues.

Many thanks for your help and answers.

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