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Subject Re: Possible to fetch a document without all fields for performance?
Date Sat, 22 May 2004 19:22:41 GMT
I've put together some code to do this based on this API:

    Document document(int docNum, String [] fieldNames);

You can now be selective about which fields you want to read off disk.
It does offer some speed-ups but it is not as fast as it could be due to a limitation in the
file format.
Basically the field values are held in sequence on the disk and you ideally want to "seek"
past the 
ones you are not interested in - unfortunately the lengths held on file are for the UTF-8
decoded value, 
not the length they occupy on disk so you need to decode the bytes to determine the true length
and therefore 
next field position on disk.

Having said that my implementation will avoid reading large fields entirely IF they are positioned

after the other fields you are interested in retrieving.  This implementation would also avoid

allocating large chunks of memory to hold unnecessary field values - another plus.

The code below is the core functionlity you need to add  to - you would
need to 
add delegating calls in the SegmentReader IndexReader classes etc to expose this functionality.

========code follows ===========
  final Document doc(int n, String []fieldNames) throws IOException {
  HashSet requiredFields=new HashSet(fieldNames.length);
  int numRequiredFields=fieldNames.length;
  for (int i = 0; i < fieldNames.length; i++)
} * 8L);
long position = indexStream.readLong();;

Document doc = new Document();
int numFields = fieldsStream.readVInt();
for (int i = 0; i < numFields; i++) {
  int fieldNumber = fieldsStream.readVInt();
  FieldInfo fi = fieldInfos.fieldInfo(fieldNumber);
  byte bits = fieldsStream.readByte();

  //add field contents to doc
doc.add(new Field(,  // name
  fieldsStream.readString(), // read value
  true,  // stored
  fi.isIndexed,  // indexed
  (bits & 1) != 0, fi.storeTermVector)); // vector

if(--numRequiredFields ==0)
//found all the field values we need, - lets go
  //Not a required field - skip this field's contents to next field
  long length=fieldsStream.readVInt();
//long nextPosition=fieldsStream.getFilePointer()+length;

  //ideally we could just seek to next field based on code above BUT length on disk 
  //can be longer than "length" field because of UTF-8 encoding - you currently have 
  //to read each byte and examine content to determine the next position :
for(long j=0;j<length;j++)
byte b = fieldsStream.readByte();
if ((b & 0x80) == 0)
else if ((b & 0xE0) != 0xE0) 

return doc;

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