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From "Gerard Sychay" <>
Subject Re: Understanding Boolean Queries
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 14:54:11 GMT
FWIW, I'll relate a general note from my brief experience.  I try to
structure the index to avoid the need for boolean queries as much as
possible, in order to avoid issues like yours.

For example, I was indexing dozens of columns from a database table. 
Each database row was a document, each column a field.  In order to
query all these fields, I had to construct huge boolean queries (via
MultiFieldQueryParser).  It was too slow.  After browsing some of mail
archives, i realized the proper way to do this was combine all the
columns into one field, and then add a second stored field with the name
of the column.  Now I had only one searchable field, and the queries
sped up dramatically.

>>> Tate Avery <> 04/29/04 12:12PM >>>

I have been reviewing some of the code related to boolean queries and
wanted to see if my understanding is approximately correct regarding
they are handled and, more importantly, the limitations.

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