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From "Gerard Sychay" <>
Subject Re: Adding duplicate Fields to Documents
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 20:36:22 GMT
As two people have already stated, fields that are not tokenised are
stored seprately.  Then a single document with two fields of the same
name can be retrieved by searching for either of the fields.

However, retrieving all of the field values seems to be impossible. 
That is, given ("field_name", "keyword1") and ("field_name",
"keyword2"), using doc.get("field_name") always returns "keyword2", the
last value added.  Of course, I can't really think of a scenario where
this would be a problem..

Thanks for the help!

>>> Gerard Sychay 04/26/04 01:57PM >>>
Luke is a good idea.  I'll also just write a simple test program and
play around with it (something I probably should have done before
posting) and then post my findings here.

>>> Stephane James Vaucher <> 04/24/04 02:02PM
>From my experience (that is little experience;)), fields that are not
tokenised, are stored separately. Someone more qualified can surely
you more details.

You can look at your index with Luke, it might be insightful.

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Gerard Sychay wrote:

> Hello,
> I am wondering what happens when you add two Fields with same names
> a Document.  The API states that "if the fields are indexed, their
> is treated as though appended."  This much makes sense.  But what
> the following two cases:
> - Adding two fields with same name that are indexed, not tokenized
> (keywords)?  E.g. given ("field_name", "keyword1") and
> "keyword2"), would the final keyword field be ("field_name",
> "keyword1keyword2")?  Seems weird..
> - Adding two fields with same name that are stored, but not indexed
> not tokenized (e.g. database keys)?  Are they appended (which would
> up the database key when retrieved from the Hit)?

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