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From "Gerard Sychay" <>
Subject Re: Does a RAMDirectory ever need to merge segments... (performanceissue)
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:29:02 GMT
I've always wondered about this too.  To put it another way, how does
mergeFactor affect an IndexWriter backed by a RAMDirectory?  Can I set
mergeFactor to the highest possible value (given the machine's RAM) in
order to avoid merging segments?

>>> "Kevin A. Burton" <> 04/20/04 04:40AM >>>
I've been benchmarking our indexer to find out if I can squeeze any
performance out of it.

I noticed one problem with RAMDirectory... I'm storing documents in 
memory and then writing them to disk every once in a while. ...

IndexWriter.maybeMergeSegments is taking up 5% of total runtime. 
DocumentWriter.addDocument is taking up another 17% of total runtime.

Notice that this doesn't == 100% becuase there are other tasks taking
CPU before and after Lucene is called.

Anyway... I don't see why RAMDirectory is trying to merge segments.  Is

there anyway to prevent this?  I could just store them in a big 
ArrayList until I'm ready to write them to a disk index but I'm not
how efficient this will be.

Anyone run into this before?

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