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From Stephane James Vaucher <>
Subject Re: Bridge with OpenOffice
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 16:11:24 GMT
I'll make a copy of the code available on the wiki before it disappears 
off the Web.

Now for some info on using OO on a production system:

<summary src="Web, not my experience">OO works well (but is slow), but is 
not multi-threaded (the communication bridge is).</summary>

Quotes from end of 2003:

Kai Sommerfeld from Sun wrote:

The answer is not a simple 'yes' or 'no'. It's more: 'partly'. There
are parts of the OOo API that are threadsafe, others are not. Newer
components are generally threadsafe. Components thare are mainly
wrappers for old Office code are mostly not. A main problem is that we
cannot state for sure which components are actually thread safe and
which are not. It's as worse as I say it here.

We're trying to solve the multithreading issues for one of the next
major releases of OOo. But this is definitely not an easy task,
especially, since rewriting all non-threadaware code is simply not an
option because of missing developer resources.

Juergen Schmidt from Sun wrote:

If you want to use OO in a safe way you shouldn't use it multi
threaded. But we want to improve the server functionality of OO in
genral so that your described scenario should be possible.

Sorry, but currently you have to workaround this in your own application
and you should use OO single threaded. But as i said we are working on
this feature.

Niklas Nebel from Sun who seem to have success with some code running 
successfully as multithreaded, wrote:

The document API functions use the SolarMutex, so you should be able to
use them from multiple threads without problems (with one call blocking
the next, of course). Listener callbacks might be a problem if handled
by different threads, but at least for the spreadsheet API I'm not aware
of any other problems.

Don't forget that every API call over a connection to a running office
is "multi-threaded", as the connection is handled by a different thread
from office user interactions.


On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Magnus Johansson wrote:

> Yes I have tried it and it seems to work ok.
> I haven't really used it in a production environment
> however.
> There was some code here
> it is however not there anymore, Google HTML version is however
> avaialble at
> /magnus
> > Anyone try what Joerg suggested here?
> >
> >
> >
> > sv
> >
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