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From "Armbrust, Daniel C." <>
Subject Result scoring question
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:16:25 GMT
I know that the lucene scoring algorithm is pretty complicated, I know I don't understand all
the pieces.  But given these documents:

A) - <preferred_designation> left renal calculus
B) - <other_designation> renal calculus

Should a query of 

other_designation:("renal calculus") OR preferred_designation:("renal calculus")

Score document B higher than document A?

Those documents are a made up example.  Here are the documents and scores I am getting back
from the query on my real index:

Score 1.0 - Document<Text<first_word:left> Text<preferred_designation:left renal
calculus in calyceal diverticulum> Unindexed<frequency:4> Text<codeTokenized:M00004001>
Keyword<code:M00004001> Keyword<UNIQUE_DOCUMENT_IDENTIFIER_FIELD:48270>>

Score 0.85714287 - Document<Keyword<UNIQUE_DOCUMENT_IDENTIFIER_FIELD:514631> Keyword<code:M00035214>
Text<codeTokenized:M00035214> Unindexed<frequency:4> Text<preferred_designation:left
renal calculus in a solitary left kidney> Text<first_word:left>>

Score 0.7409672 - Document<Text<first_word:renal> Text<other_designation:renal
calculus> Unindexed<frequency:3> Text<codeTokenized:M00032753> Keyword<code:M00032753>

Am I just making a dumb mistake somewhere?



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