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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: 'Lock obtain timed out' even though NO locks exist...
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:58:10 GMT
Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> Actually this is exactly the problem... I ran some single index tests 
> and a single process seems to read from it.
> The problem is that we were running under Tomcat with diff webapps for 
> testing and didn't run into this problem before.  We had an 11G index 
> that just took a while to open and during this open Lucene was 
> creating a lock.
> I wasn't sure that Tomcat was multithreading this so maybe it is and 
> it's just taking longer to open the lock in some situations.
This is strange... after removing all the webapps (besides 1) Tomcat 
still refuses to allow Lucene to open this index with Lock obtain timed out.

If I open it up from the console it works just fine.  I'm only doing it 
with one index and a ulimit -n so it's not a files issue.  Memory is 1G 
for Tomcat.

If I figure this out will be sure to send a message to the list.  This 
is a strange one....



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