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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Problems From the Word Go
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 14:25:24 GMT
On Apr 30, 2004, at 8:52 AM, Terry Steichen wrote:
> Erik,
> Maybe you could donate some of those demo modules (and the accompanying
> article/text) to Lucene, so they'd be incorporated officially in the
> website?

Sure... and in fact that has been my intention all along.  One idea 
that I had with the Lucene book effort was to build a complete 
Searchblox-like (no offense guys!) application that could be used as a 
real intranet search system.  It has turned out that this was too bold 
of an idea to develop for the book because it is marginally useful in 
the context of book examples since it would not be able to demonstrate 
all the various bells and whistles without being contrived.

I have no problem with any code I've done for the articles or the book 
becoming part of Lucene as examples.  It will be a couple of months 
before my plate is clear enough to package it up nicely enough though, 
so for now the articles will have to suffice.

Rest assured, though, that my intention is to eventually flesh out a 
really nice example web application that is easily usable.  The current 
example app is "usable" now, it just takes jumping through some odd 
hoops to get running unfortunately.

By the way, my JavaDevWithAnt project has been freely available for 
quite some time now, and in its current for it is an easy-to-build web 
app that searches a Lucene index of a snapshot of Ant's documentation 
(the HTML files).  You can grab it here:

Eventually I'll beef that application up with new Ant 1.6 best 
practices and replace Struts with Tapestry.


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