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From Frank Morton <>
Subject date range suggestion anyone?
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 03:42:10 GMT
Newbie here. Or, at least it has been a couple of years....

I have a date ranges working, which seem to work well. But I have
a question about how to form a query.

I have a publication with a dateAvailable and a dateExpired. It is
viewable any time between these dates.

I want to supply a date range, looking for publications available in
the specified range. I thought I could do:

+((dateAvailable:[02/01/2004 TO 03/01/2004]) OR 
(dateExpired:[02/01/2004 TO 03/01/2004]))

But this does not work with this combination of dates:


Neither the dateAvailable nor dateExpired are included within the user 
specified test
range, even though the publication is available during the entire 
specified range,
plus more.

Anyone figured out a way to do this without enumerating all the dates?  
Or, do I
just need more sleep.

Thanks for any help.


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