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From Tate Avery <>
Subject RE: Nested category strategy
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 19:51:15 GMT

Could you put them all into a tab-delimited string and store that as a
single field, then use a TabTokenizer on the field to search?

And, if you need to, do a .split("\t") on the field value in order to break
them back up into individual categories.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Black []
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 2:49 PM
Subject: Nested category strategy

Hey All,

I'm trying to figure out the best approach to something.

Each document I index has an array of categories which looks like the
following example....

/Science/Medicine/Serology/blood gas


Anyway, there's a couple things I'm trying to deal with.

1. The fact that we have an undefined array size.  I can't just shove
these into a single field.  I could explode them into multiple fields
on the fly like category_1, category_2. etc. etc

2. The fact that a search will need to be performed like " category:
/Science/Medicine/*" would need to return all items within that

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some help here.


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