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From Stephane James Vaucher <>
Subject Re: Performance of hit highlighting and finding term positions for a specific document
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 01:18:56 GMT
I agree with you that a highlight package should be available directly 
from the lucene website. To offer this much-desired feature, having a 
dependency on a personal web site seems a little weird to me. It would 
also force the community to support this functionality, which would seem 


On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> I'm playing with this package:
> Trying to do hit highlighting.  This implementation uses another 
> Analyzer to find the positions for the result terms. 
> This seems that it's very inefficient since lucene already knows the 
> frequency and position of given terms in the index.
> My question is whether it's hard to find a TermPosition for a given term 
> in a given document rather than the whole index.
> IndexReader.termPositions( Term term ) is term specific not term and 
> document specific.
> Also it seems that after all this time that Lucene should have efficient 
> hit highlighting as a standard package.  Is there any interest in seeing 
> a contribution in the sandbox for this if it uses the index positions?

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