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From Stephane James Vaucher <>
Subject Re: Sys properties Was: as lock dir .... once again
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 21:06:17 GMT
How about (looking big rather than small):

- MaxClause from BooleanQuery (I know there has been discussions on 
the dev list, but I haven't been following it)
- default commit_lock_name
- default commit_lock_timeout
- default maxFieldLength
- default maxMergeDocs
- default mergeFactor
- default minMergeDocs
- default write_lock_name
- default write_lock_timeout

I'm currently configuring parts of my app using sys properties, 
particularly the mergeFactor because my prod system has 2GB of RAM and is 
windows based and my dev machine has 256MB and is linux. If no one takes a 
crack at this, I'll see what I can do in 2 weeks, after my vacations.


On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Stephane James Vaucher wrote:
> > As I've stated in my earlier mail, I like this change. More importantly, 
> > could this become a "standard" way of changing configurations at runtime? 
> > For example, the default merge factor could also be set in this manner.
> Sure, that's reasonable, so this would be something like:
> private static final int DEFAULT_MERGE_FACTOR =
> Integer.parseInt(System.getProperty("org.apache.lucene.mergeFactor","10"));
> In
> What other candidates are there for this treatment?
> Doug
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