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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Wierd Search Behavior
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 14:55:47 GMT
On Mar 31, 2004, at 9:49 AM, Terry Steichen wrote:\
> I'm experiencing some very puzzling search behavior.  I am using the 
> CVS head I pulled about a week ago.  I use the StandardAnalyzer and 
> QueryParser.  I have a collection of XML documents indexed.  One field 
> is "subhead", and here's what I find with different queries:
> subhead:(missile defense)    - works fine
> subhead("missile" "defense") - works fine
> subhead("missile defense") - fails
> subhead(missile defense "missile defense") - fails
> subhead(missile defense "missile dork") - works fine
> subhead(missile defense "missile defens") - works fine (note 
> misspelling)

I presume the missing colons on all but the first example is just a 
typo in your e-mail?  If not, might that be the problem?


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