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From Matt Quail <>
Subject Re: code works with 1.3-rc1 but not with 1.3-final??
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 03:22:37 GMT
Or use IndexWriter.setUseCompundFile(true) to reduce the number of files
created by Lucene.


Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> Dan wrote:
>> I have some code that creates a lucene index. It has been working fine 
>> with lucene-1.3-rc1.jar but I wanted to upgrade to 
>> lucene-1.3-final.jar. I did this and the indexer breaks. I get the 
>> following error when running the index with 1.3-final:
>> Optimizing the index
>> IOException: /home/danl001/index-Mar-22-14_31_30/_ni.f43 (Too many 
>> open files)
>> Indexed 884 files in 8 directories
>> Index creation took 242 seconds
>> %
> No... it's you... ;)
> Read the FAQ and then run
> ulimit -n 1000000 or so...
> You need to increase your file handles.  Chance are you never noticed 
> this before but the problem was still present.  If you're on a Linux box 
> you would be amazed to find out that you're only about 200 file handles 
> away from running out of your per-user quota file quota.
> You might have to su as root to change this.. RedHat is more strict 
> because it uses the glibc resource restrictions thingy. (who's name 
> slips my mind at the moment).
> Debian is configured better here as per defaults.
> Also a google query would have solved this for you very quickly ;)..
> Kevin

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