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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: code works with 1.3-rc1 but not with 1.3-final??
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 03:08:05 GMT
Dan wrote:

> I have some code that creates a lucene index. It has been working fine 
> with lucene-1.3-rc1.jar but I wanted to upgrade to 
> lucene-1.3-final.jar. I did this and the indexer breaks. I get the 
> following error when running the index with 1.3-final:
> Optimizing the index
> IOException: /home/danl001/index-Mar-22-14_31_30/_ni.f43 (Too many 
> open files)
> Indexed 884 files in 8 directories
> Index creation took 242 seconds
> %
No... it's you... ;)

Read the FAQ and then run

ulimit -n 1000000 or so...

You need to increase your file handles.  Chance are you never noticed 
this before but the problem was still present.  If you're on a Linux box 
you would be amazed to find out that you're only about 200 file handles 
away from running out of your per-user quota file quota.

You might have to su as root to change this.. RedHat is more strict 
because it uses the glibc resource restrictions thingy. (who's name 
slips my mind at the moment). 

Debian is configured better here as per defaults.

Also a google query would have solved this for you very quickly ;)..



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