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From Dan <>
Subject code works with 1.3-rc1 but not with 1.3-final??
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 20:02:50 GMT
I have some code that creates a lucene index. It has been working fine 
with lucene-1.3-rc1.jar but I wanted to upgrade to lucene-1.3-final.jar. 
I did this and the indexer breaks. I get the following error when 
running the index with 1.3-final:

Optimizing the index
IOException: /home/danl001/index-Mar-22-14_31_30/_ni.f43 (Too many open 
Indexed 884 files in 8 directories
Index creation took 242 seconds

So it appears the the code that uses 1.3-final breaks on the call to 
optimize(). Does anyone know what is wrong?

Again, the ONLY change between the working version and the version that 
breaks on optimize is the jar file I use. lucene-1.3-rc1.jar works. 
lucene-1.3-final.jar doesnt. Wierd huh?

I've tested this on both Unix (solaris) and on windows. In both cases, 
I'm using jdk 1.4.2_03.

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